I want the kind of love that puts a ‘damn’ in front of a simple ‘I love you’.

The kind that takes your breath away,

and puts a ‘God!!’ in front of an honest ‘I don’t want to live without you’.


While I am on the drill;

I want to steal misty sunsets with you.

Sip coffee under the rising moon,

my head resting on your shoulder.


I want to hold your gaze from across the room,

while we are laughing our lungs out.

I want to steal beer breathed kisses in the kitchen,

while we take more food out.


I want to fight and scream at you,

for driving me crazy the way you do.

Honey, then I want to feel you smiling

when I hug you tight.


So many mediocre things in life,

I want our love to feel unreal,

every once a while.


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Something about Self-doubt

I cried for about an hour today. Then I called a friend and talked to her for another hour. Two hours of unrest and kiddish bellowing is what it took, for me to come back to my normal self.

Let me tell you why. It was because another friend (a relatively new person in my life) called me and said a few things implying that I’m indifferent and cold.

I took it in a playful manner until I realized that he really meant what he said. The words were right from his heart.

I told him nothing, apart from this that his perception is flawed (because it’s sketchy in the sense that he does not know me completely). Also, I am unable to understand his random ranter for the very same reason; I do not know him enough.

I said this but I didn’t really believe in it at that point. I asked myself quietly “Am I really a cold person?” and tears followed.

While I was on the phone I realized that this very unrest of mine is a counter to his perception. I am not cold, certainly not indifferent. Else, I would not have been sitting in my balcony, crying on the phone because someone called me a few mean things. My friend on the phone told me the same “You should not let this get to your heart cause you know it’s not true. He might be a good person but he is certainly not in a position from where he sees you as the person you really are.” 

We are all very different people and we should at all times be mindful of the same. Things are not always how they seem and so is the case with people. They are so much more than what we see. Just because someone wasn’t kind to you once, does not mean their heart is devoid of kindness and love. Someone said a few mean words does not lead to the conclusion that they are vile. Hasty conclusions are most often worth trash.

People take time. Friendship takes time. So should you, before you make a judgment.

Whether you like it or not other people will judge you. Mostly as the person, you are not. You might have done the same a lot of times, we are all human.

The point of my childish complaining being – Do not nurture self-doubt in your soul over flawed verdicts on your nature. You are not what other people define you to be. And if people are not patient enough to see you as the person you are really are, let them be. The fault is not yours.

We are all worthy of time and patience. Cut yourself some slack and be kind enough to allow other people the same.




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The Phone Call

Buzzzzzz…my phone goes, it’s you!

The frown on my face transforms to a smile and my eyes burning from the glow of the computer screen instantly light up.

Within seconds, we start ranting about our lives.

Mostly, what has gone wrong and Oh! how things are a mess.

We laugh about it all.

We tell each other, how life would have been easier without some people,

and as I hear your voice,

I softly whisper to myself;

“and so much easier because of some people”

A small town…called HOME

There is a sweet attachment that one has with the place they hail from. Be it a great big city or a small town. Geographically, be it of immense importance or simply lost on the map. You belong to the place and now, it dwells within you somehow.

The sweet nostalgia when you saunter through the streets of the town. I live away but I still call it my home. I might have spent a substantial amount of time in this other lovely city but it will never be home to me.

When asked, “Where are you leaving for?”

I always answer, “Home”

‘Coming home’ is a feeling and this place gives me just that.

Strolling through the market, the shop-owner gives me a bright smile and slips an extra chocolate in my grocery bag. He recognizes the small girl he once knew and I guess she is still the same for him.

In the pitch dark sky, I see thousands and thousands of stars twinkling as I lay on my terrace for hours. The sound of  crickets and  occasional cries of the peacock from the jungle, mingle with the silence that warmly wraps my home atop the hill.

As I put up some little twinkling lights in my garden and look at my parents sitting, sipping tea…the corners of their eyes wrinkling with laughter…I certainly know that this is HOME.


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A Cup and Two Spoons

It has been over a year since my friends moved out of city. We never planned to stay after college…so, everybody moved except me!

I am here, it has been a year. I should have had some friends here by now. But the fact is I don’t. It has been both difficult and fun. I’ve spent more time with myself then I ever did before.

I have made this habit of roaming around the city, eating, going to movies, shopping…all by myself. And to be true, I somewhat enjoy it.

I went to a movie yesterday (Don’t ask, it was extremely boring!)

Well, the thing is I ordered sweet corn and the guy at the food counter was kind enough to serve me at my seat. The guy came up to me with this cup full of spicy corn with two spoons in it. I looked at the cup then looked at him. He gave me a slight smile and left. I looked at the cup again rather at the spoons I must say, for a little too long.

Why was it so obvious that I would have company?

No, it did not make me feel friendless or forlorn but it sure made me think about all the people who I wish were sitting beside me. The company that I desire lives miles and miles away from me. And I don’t want friends for the sake of just having someone; to think of them as substitutes. I would never prefer being one myself.

I have no idea what I am trying to convey.

Sometimes you feel a lot of things but you don’t know how to interpret them and that should be okay I guess.

The next time I go there and if they hand me a single spoon, I am definitely going to ask for an extra one 🙂

PS: All you guys, I miss you!

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To The People We Love

I have no clue, how to form a ground for what I am willing  to convey. So I guess, I’ll jump straight to the point.

I have slowly, with time…come to realize that the things that make me happy are all connected to the people I love. There is this bunch of people and my life just revolves around them. There is nothing else, I don’t need anything else. They are my world, my survival kit and probably the reason why I actually want to go through life.

Today evening, while on the phone I was wondering how I absolutely adore these people.

The sound of their laughter, feeds my soul a smile. The sound of them when they’re sad, sucks my soul dry.

I have caught myself worrying about them more than I ever worry about myself. I would span the Earth…the entire Universe for them, if need be.

I am not bragging about my capability to love someone nor is this a declaration of my love for these people. However, you might call it a simple note of gratitude if you want.

They help form a vital part of my personality. There are certain parts of me that exist solely due to them. Maybe they are those parts themselves.

I find it amusing, how we are all separate-breathing-individuals yet some of us mysteriously connect.

We meet so many people through life but not all of them are scribbled in ink!

To all those people in my life: Your smile makes my life beautiful. Love you all to the moon and beyond… ❤


The Daily Post

Cracked Rearview


what has left me or what I have left behind through these years…

  1. Grandma and Grandpa – I miss you terribly, you will stay in my heart forever.
  2. My once-best-friend – I miss you and I love you for the person you are. You will forever be the most amazing person I’ve met. Thank you for all the love, memories and lessons.
  3. My high school/college friends – We may not be in touch like we promised but thank you for all the giggles and timeless memories.
  4. Duke and Lucy – A doberman and a golden retriever; you changed my life in a wonderful way…you taught me compassion and love. I miss you both.
  5. My hometown – Even though I visit frequently, I don’t think I’ll ever get to actually live there now. It will forever be home though; like they say- ‘Home is where the heart is’.
  6. My impulsive streak – You are missed, really missed. All the extra thought that goes behind every little thing now, exhausts me!
  7. The old me – You were so much more stupid than I’m today, still…I sort of love you. Thank you for the connate stupidity. It has made me who I’m today.


I try to adjust the rear-view sometimes. But it never seems to form a clear picture.

I don’t complain, it is broken. There are small pieces missing here and there.

I can still form vague images.

What I see makes me simper and weep at the same time. I miss some of it, some of it not.

With time, we leave behind so much and gather so much more. I am glad for it all,  to have happened the way it did.

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We are all so INDEPENDENT these days! aren’t we? I mean look, how we are responsible for our own actions, thoughts, decisions…our entire lives! No, I am not being sarcastic at all. In fact, I like to think of myself that way. My life. We are enough for ourselves and we are responsible for what we do. Yet, sometimes, when in the dark, left alone with my thoughts I can not deny that I feel the need to talk to someone. Anyone. We are not truly independent…we can never be…we will always need other people. When I say independent I do not mean it in the conventional sense of the word. I tend to think of it in terms of ‘other people’ in ‘our lives’. Relationships are complex these days, I guess our lifestyle has made it that way or maybe we have changed or maybe something else..ego, self sufficiency or simply ‘I don’t need anyone’ attitude.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I talk to certain people I don’t really know? Nor do they know me…and then I feel that this specific ‘not knowing’ might be the reason. Or why do I write this blog?

“Because I like writing”

Or maybe because I don’t know who is reading it at the moment. I don’t know the half of you yet I still write all this. What for? Maybe hope and relief. That some people…somewhere might be reading this and they understand all of it. They don’t know me yet they understand. I hope that someone relates to all this and that someone feels the same way as I do. I am not alone after all.


PS: In our independent, the ‘dependent’ will forever be in bold. 🙂


There is so little time to do all the nothing you want! True that is and despite being well aware of the fact we waste so much of our time creating pointless drama. Someone truly said that we tend to complicate things because we do not value simplicity. Be it our work, relationships or life, it is all so complicated. We feel lonely, lost and confused at times when the answers are pretty simple. Most of the issues in our lives can be solved by simply communicating with the people around us. Friends, partners, siblings, parents…we know deep down in our hearts we can talk to them but when a situation comes up we tend to shut things inside and sulk all day long over petty issues and mostly over things that are really stupid. We do not realize that we waste a substantial amount of time in frowns and tears that could rather be well spent sharing smiles and laughs with the people we love. Who knows what tomorrow holds, we do not even know if a tomorrow is promised! Don’t let the ‘not so important stuff’ occupy a ‘very important’ spot in your life. Live one day at a time, spend as many laughs as you can and gather sweet memories while you still have time!


Happy living! J

Miles Apart But Never At Heart!

We often tend to feel that we are most attached to the people we spend majority of our time with (by choice of course). That is an easy assumption to make. We live and breathe around them…eat and sing around them, they are the ones we interact with, the most. They know so so much about us! They are the help within our hands reach then be it any sort of problem we are going through. So very true!
But we cannot deny the fact that exceptions exist. The same goes for our relationships. We have friends and family, people we live with and they are closer than ever. But then there are certain people, we do not get to see on an everyday basis, they may not even cross our mind while we work our way through the day and we may meet or talk to them after what we call an eternity. Still these gaps do not seem to hamper our relationship with them. It appears like magic to me! I do not talk to them or share things with them daily nor do I just get home and blabber about how hard the day was or how cute that guy on the bus stop was.  They are not a part of my routine, yet somehow they manage to secure their place in my busy life. I have a handful of such people in my life. With some I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in the past and that is what concretes my bond with them while there are some others I have never spent much time with yet we swing along….just like that! We talk on the phone after five months and it is like nothing has changed at all. The gap just seems to vanish in a poof as soon as I hear their voices. I see them after years and we get along just like that, there is so much to talk about that I almost forget to breathe!(sigh)


I have come to realize that ‘Time’ and ‘Distance’ are not factors as important as I thought they were when it comes to our relationships. It does not matter who my oldest friend is or who is the one I spend most of my time with. It is the bond that matters. I may have known some for years yet they do not mean as much as a friend, who I met a few months ago. It is all about who has earned a place in my heart and made a little home there itself. We meet so many people yet there are just a few we wish to keep by our side. We know, we may not see them every day but it is that silent little voice in our hearts…that knows that they are always there! Cause some bonds are forever! ❤