INFP Trivia 📖

I drafted a fun INFP list; things that speak to me!

  1. Really dumb smart person 🙆
  2. Random acts of kindness 🌼
  3. Just look like they have a plan
  4. Forget all important things, but remember useless stuff
  5. Longer neural network to process stimuli
  6. Strong sense of metaphor
  7. Restless wanderers (in about everything)👻
  8. Spectators on social media (Facebook, Twitter and all that)👀
  9. Know they’re unique but feel useless to other people
  10. Want to matter to the world
  11. BAD BAD at expressing themselves verbally🙊
  12. Oh oh! Look at the moon; look at the stars! Oh my God that DOG! 🐕
  13. Do not exist for things of time and sense✨
  14. HATE HATE competitions and comparisons
  15. Set goals, introspect and dream about them then do nothing!
  16. Cry about doing nothing! 😭
  17. Somebody: “Small talk”; INFP: “Ok, bye. FOREVER”👋
  18. Ignores problems and then stresses about them later
  19. Unaware that rules exist, worried why everyone seems stressed😕
  20. Staring off into space (read: freaking other people out!)
  21. Powered by unusual amount of solitude☮️
  22. Almost nocturnal
  23. Runs on coffee/tea☕
  24. Try to plan things then start crying and then Netflix!📺
  25. Food! FOOd!! FOOD!!!🍔🍟
  26. Nerd about everything (They won’t accept publicly but they know it’s true!)🤓


Any other INFPs out there? ❤


A Comic List

Comics have always been my thing.

There is a plus to illustrations, they simply connect better than words would ever do. Sarah Andersen is one of my favorite illustrators. She is amazing with each and every piece she creates. I was going through my Comics board on Pinterest yesterday and here is a list of 10 comics that describe me the best-

  1. Procrastinate- Procrastinate-Procrastinate! 


2. Total INFP loner!


3.  I am extremely SMART


4.  Forever Indecisive


5. Strong sense of deadlines


6. Interesting hobbies


7. Nope, not at all annoying


8. Believe me….I don’t know what’s bothering me, like EVER!


9. Life’s meaningless…till I get my hands on another book


10. Animals – Yes! People- Nope, not so much



Image Courtesy: Pinterest

I’m an INFP!

I am an INFP!

I’m really not much into zodiac signs and traits or signature/handwriting analysis and other such stuff. All these claim to unveil certain aspects of your personality, tell you things about your core nature- according to the stars or by the degree of slant in your handwriting. Some people can even read things between the lines that form on your forehead when you frown (face reading you know or Physiognomy!). Amusing! So much of wisdom lying around in everything that I do, yet I could never fathom any of it by myself. I don’t understand all of this, I never have and I guess, I never will.INFP

I know…I know, my very first sentence screamed that I’m an INFP. Yes, I am that and I love it. The Myers Briggs personality type is the only personality analysis that I’ve loved and it compels me to believe in it. I took the test long back and I took it again last week, luckily I haven’t changed much…I fall into the same INFP type. I took the test on this site called 16 personalities. It asked me a detailed set of questions and some of those questions got me thinking about myself. Initially the test felt like it was an ordinary personality test, probably crap. But this one was different; not based on your profile picture rather on a set of questions that are so diverse and can actually cover certain aspects of your personality- it’s draws inference on the basis of psychological study I feel. This one feels honest for a change.

I have this general perception about any kind of test or method that claims to tell me about my core nature. It is judgmental I feel; looking at the surface you can’t gauge the depths of the ocean. They are fun nevertheless and so I often click on links that claim to know me better than I know myself.

As far as it is fun and if it gives your moral a boost I assume such random personality tests mean no harm. They mostly tell you things that you already know.

So, you believe in yourself and keep growing meanwhile I’ll go and check out a few other tests! 😀

P.S – I’ll let you know if I find a good one.

Image Credits: 16 personalities