What Once was- now is not.

Outlined a square on the stone wall each day,

painted a different picture within.

Once a convict, now a painter.

Once a dead wall, now a window to his colorful soul.


#MICROFICTION In response to a prompt: #window

A ‘could be fairytale’

I’d been leaving. Piece by piece.

For a while.

Every time you wanted me to not want what I wanted.

I drifted.

I wanted things. Things for myself. Us. You.

And then you told me I was wrong, oh so often.

Looking for feelings in things. When I was not.

I was looking for them in you.

I told you how I was withering. Layer by layer.

You thought it was us, withering.

And so we did. Fade.

I had an inkling of the end.

It crashed in sooner than I thought it would.

So often than not. We did become what we said we won’t.

I said flower. You heard thorn.

You said rain. I heard drought.

We were We. It then turned to Me.

A flip of sides. A flip of our synchronicity.

Oh, it was a lovely tale.

A cast of transient magic.

A storm that weakened as soon as it formed.

An unquenched thirst.

Unfinished poetry.

Spilled paint, on a masterpiece.

In response to Daily Prompt: Inkling

Time is all you have…

“There is so much I’ve got to do, there is never enough time”  he said.

“All that we ever have is time”  I said, not really listening.

It’s true all we have is time yet we never have enough of it.

What is life? A string of moments until it’s not.

What is in a moment? What really is time? Just something we have created to measure our span on this planet?

Isn’t it true? Time is all you ever have.

Seconds and minutes ticking away in a small circle. This very moment clubs with so many others and before you even know it’s your entire life. The concept of time has always amazed and scared me at the same time. It feels so strange when you think about it really hard. You are illusioned if you think control exists. There is nothing like control, you can make conscious choices and direction your days. You can choose how to spend the time you have but you can’t regulate how much and how long you would be here. I’ve been clinging to these thoughts for quite some time now. It’s in moments of such musings that I begin to question whether what we know is real? Or are we all equally lost? Believing in what seems the most logical explanation for our being. Most of us do everything possible to avoid the inevitable; the end. But no, that’s not how it works. We rot and we perish. We are mighty beings until we are not. We are alive for death. How contradictory does that sound now?

Life is a contradiction composed of smaller contradictions. We can’t just be one of the two faces of the coin. It has to be both. Complements are the way life works. Everything has to have a complement to it. The rain to the draught. The hero to the villain. Cakes to cookies. Lunch to the dinner. See my point?

One sometimes,

sometimes the other.

Weakness to strength

Smile to tears

You can’t take one. they come in pairs.


It’s the climb


You feel like love 🖤

Is that their trick?

Sometimes you drift into dreams so that you can escape a storm. Feelings, you are not ready to feel. Things, you do not understand.

Other days, you are afraid of slipping into slumber cause it’ll lead you to another day…so quick! It’s going to be the same the next day and the next; for all you know, it might get worse. So you stay sheltered, cozily in the dark. You have done more than enough for a day and it’s too early before you can do it all again.

You sit in the balcony and it’s almost 5am. You see the light, lurking by the corners. And in that very moment, you know with utmost surety that they are wrong about darkness and about light.

They are wrong about so many things. All the time.

You wonder why they want to make you believe it.

Why do they believe in it?

Do they even know what they are talking about?

It’s a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

Sometimes we need the light to shine bright and sparkle up our hopes and dreams, other days we bloom in darkness cozy and safe.

Would we recognize light if we never dwell in darkness?

Is darkness really the kind of ‘dark’ that they have taught us about?

Is light always what they have made us believe that it is?

I don’t know. Maybe nobody knows.

And maybe…that is their trick.


Picture Credits: Pinterest

Seven Days B&W Pictures: Day#5


Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Hello Abby (Little Stories), you are welcome to try the challenge if you wish! 🙂

Seven Days B&W Pictures: Day#4

Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Hello Sascha, you are welcome to try the challenge if you wish!

Something about Self-doubt

I cried for about an hour today. Then I called a friend and talked to her for another hour. Two hours of unrest and kiddish bellowing is what it took, for me to come back to my normal self.

Let me tell you why. It was because another friend (a relatively new person in my life) called me and said a few things implying that I’m indifferent and cold.

I took it in a playful manner until I realized that he really meant what he said. The words were right from his heart.

I told him nothing, apart from this that his perception is flawed (because it’s sketchy in the sense that he does not know me completely). Also, I am unable to understand his random ranter for the very same reason; I do not know him enough.

I said this but I didn’t really believe in it at that point. I asked myself quietly “Am I really a cold person?” and tears followed.

While I was on the phone I realized that this very unrest of mine is a counter to his perception. I am not cold, certainly not indifferent. Else, I would not have been sitting in my balcony, crying on the phone because someone called me a few mean things. My friend on the phone told me the same “You should not let this get to your heart cause you know it’s not true. He might be a good person but he is certainly not in a position from where he sees you as the person you really are.” 

We are all very different people and we should at all times be mindful of the same. Things are not always how they seem and so is the case with people. They are so much more than what we see. Just because someone wasn’t kind to you once, does not mean their heart is devoid of kindness and love. Someone said a few mean words does not lead to the conclusion that they are vile. Hasty conclusions are most often worth trash.

People take time. Friendship takes time. So should you, before you make a judgment.

Whether you like it or not other people will judge you. Mostly as the person, you are not. You might have done the same a lot of times, we are all human.

The point of my childish complaining being – Do not nurture self-doubt in your soul over flawed verdicts on your nature. You are not what other people define you to be. And if people are not patient enough to see you as the person you are really are, let them be. The fault is not yours.

We are all worthy of time and patience. Cut yourself some slack and be kind enough to allow other people the same.




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