Hello there, my name is Varuna.

Welcome to Vanilla With Sprinkles.

This blog is a bundle of my hopes, notions and wishes. It started off as a substitute for a book that I wanted to write as a little girl.

I feed on music, books, travel experiences, Netflix, food, off the track cafes and sleep. Also, I prefer coffee over crackhead anytime! (Believe me, hand me a mug else you’ll have to deal with the ‘I can’t brain today’ maniac that I turn into).

I love love dogs and hate hate frogs!

More of a ‘dark rainy day’ person. Small talk is torture ( stay away instead)

Vanilla With Sprinkles is about everything that makes me feel.

I would love hearing from you. Connect with me on my blog or drop me a note at –varunasharma23@gmail.com

Much Love ❤



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello abhishek here, grt good to see ur article
    I am also makIng a start in bloging apparently saw ur blog. New to this world lets see how ot goes

    Liked by 1 person

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