I laugh.

I laugh way too hard at your lame jokes.

The funny thing being, it’s all so damn real.


A wide grin lingers on my lips…


I see how your eyes soften when you watch me smile.

And for the first time,

I want to stay.

Yes, for you…I will stay.


The reality of an idealist

Strong morals.

He was an idealist. A perfect one.

Won’t sway, won’t divert.

What’s the right thing to do? He’d ask himself all the time.

And that’d be it.

His morals rested on a cold boulder.

There was nothing he ached for so much, that it could corrupt him.

Such righteousness! Does it sound pitiful to you?

Do you doubt it’s existence? Like I do.

Is it human, to not feel love and desire so strong that you’d be ready to sway for its sake, if not more…once?

I wonder.

What Once was- now is not.

Outlined a square on the stone wall each day,

painted a different picture within.

Once a convict, now a painter.

Once a dead wall, now a window to his colorful soul.


#MICROFICTION In response to a prompt: #window

Time is all you have…

“There is so much I’ve got to do, there is never enough time”  he said.

“All that we ever have is time”  I said, not really listening.

It’s true all we have is time yet we never have enough of it.

What is life? A string of moments until it’s not.

What is in a moment? What really is time? Just something we have created to measure our span on this planet?

Isn’t it true? Time is all you ever have.

Seconds and minutes ticking away in a small circle. This very moment clubs with so many others and before you even know it’s your entire life. The concept of time has always amazed and scared me at the same time. It feels so strange when you think about it really hard. You are illusioned if you think control exists. There is nothing like control, you can make conscious choices and direction your days. You can choose how to spend the time you have but you can’t regulate how much and how long you would be here. I’ve been clinging to these thoughts for quite some time now. It’s in moments of such musings that I begin to question whether what we know is real? Or are we all equally lost? Believing in what seems the most logical explanation for our being. Most of us do everything possible to avoid the inevitable; the end. But no, that’s not how it works. We rot and we perish. We are mighty beings until we are not. We are alive for death. How contradictory does that sound now?

Life is a contradiction composed of smaller contradictions. We can’t just be one of the two faces of the coin. It has to be both. Complements are the way life works. Everything has to have a complement to it. The rain to the draught. The hero to the villain. Cakes to cookies. Lunch to the dinner. See my point?

One sometimes,

sometimes the other.

Weakness to strength

Smile to tears

You can’t take one. they come in pairs.



You feel like love 🖤

Musings #2

“We live in a bubble. So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble”

This line is from the song ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ by Katy Perry. It gets to me each time.

Isn’t it true? That’s what all of us want from life. That is what we are making it.

A life of illusions. We are determined to drag ourselves away from the pits and chasms. When we truly know, a weave of valleys and uphills is what renders life it’s true essence.

The sunset and the sunrise.

The bud and the blossomed flower about to fall.

Storms are fierce, bold…they can tear things apart. However, as they pass they create a bed for new blossoms. Embrace the storms just like you embrace the blossom.




Musings #1

What if life was not meant to be a competition?

It pains thinking that there were people who thought life is meant to be good, better…best! 

When it could simply have been happy for everyone.
Look what they’ve made of us and this world!