INFP Trivia 📖

I drafted a fun INFP list; things that speak to me!

  1. Really dumb smart person 🙆
  2. Random acts of kindness 🌼
  3. Just look like they have a plan
  4. Forget all important things, but remember useless stuff
  5. Longer neural network to process stimuli
  6. Strong sense of metaphor
  7. Restless wanderers (in about everything)👻
  8. Spectators on social media (Facebook, Twitter and all that)👀
  9. Know they’re unique but feel useless to other people
  10. Want to matter to the world
  11. BAD BAD at expressing themselves verbally🙊
  12. Oh oh! Look at the moon; look at the stars! Oh my God that DOG! 🐕
  13. Do not exist for things of time and sense✨
  14. HATE HATE competitions and comparisons
  15. Set goals, introspect and dream about them then do nothing!
  16. Cry about doing nothing! 😭
  17. Somebody: “Small talk”; INFP: “Ok, bye. FOREVER”👋
  18. Ignores problems and then stresses about them later
  19. Unaware that rules exist, worried why everyone seems stressed😕
  20. Staring off into space (read: freaking other people out!)
  21. Powered by unusual amount of solitude☮️
  22. Almost nocturnal
  23. Runs on coffee/tea☕
  24. Try to plan things then start crying and then Netflix!📺
  25. Food! FOOd!! FOOD!!!🍔🍟
  26. Nerd about everything (They won’t accept publicly but they know it’s true!)🤓


Any other INFPs out there? ❤


A Comic List

Comics have always been my thing.

There is a plus to illustrations, they simply connect better than words would ever do. Sarah Andersen is one of my favorite illustrators. She is amazing with each and every piece she creates. I was going through my Comics board on Pinterest yesterday and here is a list of 10 comics that describe me the best-

  1. Procrastinate- Procrastinate-Procrastinate! 


2. Total INFP loner!


3.  I am extremely SMART


4.  Forever Indecisive


5. Strong sense of deadlines


6. Interesting hobbies


7. Nope, not at all annoying


8. Believe me….I don’t know what’s bothering me, like EVER!


9. Life’s meaningless…till I get my hands on another book


10. Animals – Yes! People- Nope, not so much



Image Courtesy: Pinterest

What did the Filth get you?


  1. Her shoes heavy, full of dirt – from the soccer field, just had her best game ever!
  2. His blotched white shirt – a canvas as beautiful as his masterpiece!
  3. The window pane thick with grime – helped her get that award winning shot!
  4. His hands…all stained, blue with ink – his ultimate piece of writing made him cry!


What did the filth get you?

PS: I don’t like how we label and classify words. Words can’t be classified as good or bad, it’s just a matter of choice; how you wish to string them together.

Please Don’t Quit Reading My Blog After This!

Writing this way is fun!

I have no clue why I am doing this. It absolutely makes no sense. I happened to press the strike-through option by mistake when I started writing and here I’m, three lines down and still writing in the same fashion!

All right! I’ll stop, before you click the close button and run away!

I don’t see why I should always make sense though. Who said that everything I do or say should make some sense?

Actually, if I recall…most of the times, senseless are the things that I enjoy doing. When I don’t have to think about the right or wrong or the social implications of it. When I just run wild, doing whatever I want without a worry in the world.

There are some really weird things that I do.

Here is a partial list :

(Because the complete list would make me look way too weird)

  1. I’ve caught myself drawing boxes on my blank computer screen, sometimes for about 15 minutes straight I guess.
  2. Writing in strike-through. Well, this is the latest addition to the list.
  3. Narrowing my eyes…such that they are almost like little slits and then peeking at the twinkling lights  * owwwww…..sooooo…b..e..a..u..t..i..f..u..l *
  4. While munching chips, focusing on the crunchy sound they make in my head. Sometimes I concentrate so hard that I forget about the taste and sort of become deaf to everything else around.
  5. Staring at my dog. Just staring at him…yes!
  6. Slow motion dance without music.
  7. Hanging upside down (from my bed or my couch)
    * Special Talent Alert!!! – I can read, eat and watch television like that *
  8. In the picture…that is my hand puppet ‘liquid’.
    Yes..I find some time for it.

I hope you won’t stop reading my blog after this!

Everyone is allowed to be stupid. I’d love to hear about the things you do 🙂

A Drive


  1.  A late night drive on the highway; the little yellow lights glimmering as I slowly,  drive past them.
  2. A drive in the rain; when my favorite music is blaring in the car and it is raining cats and dogs outside.
  3. A drive with the windows down; the cool gush of wind blowing my hair around.
  4. A drive with my girl gang; the mingle of laughter and music and wind is pleasantly deafening.
  5. A drive in the mountains; Going up and down the winding roads…immersed in the beauty and grandeur of the mountains. Oh! and not to miss, when you ride among the clouds.


Nothing more to say…❤