Where’s Batman when you need him? 

More than ever we could, collectively, use a superhero! ❤


Last weekend, although I am now over a year into my stay in Los Angeles, I decided to play tourist. I have been quite busy on the weekends the last few months looking for a house and working. Not much fun I tell ya. I finally needed a break. I was tired of work and tired of being second guessed by people who live isolated, secluded, homogenous lives. I won’t go further into that because I could be here all day on a rant. And that would not help anything other than allowing me to ventilate a bit all the while elevating my perfect blood pressure. And I don’t need that. Thus, I decided to just chill out I treated myself to a Puerto Rican restaurant, checked out a new neighborhood and went on the Warner Brothers Studio tour. While not as much fun as the studio tour at Universal…

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