A Moment’s Sillage

Transient; always reminds me of another word- ‘Sillage‘.  It’s French, I suppose.

Sillage; The lingering of scent.

I like to inherit it in a more general sense. ‘A moment’s sillage‘ ; that is meant to diffuse and vanish. Like the lingering beauty of fireworks after they disappear from the dark inked sky leaving behind specks of fire that still crackle a little while you keep staring at the sky with wonder and beauty your eyes.

Transient has the same effect. You have this beautiful moment before your eyes and you know in that very moment, that it is determined to fade away. The beauty of it however, lingers around after it vanishes.

I’m no photographer but I like taking pictures. Every picture in a way is an evidence of how transitory life really is. Every moment is a fleeting moment. It is here and then it goes away just like that,..without you even noticing it. It just goes by moment after moment. Here are some of the best transient memories from my pocket-


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