Pink and Yellow

The society that we live in demands ambition. It measures success and happiness on how ambitious you are and how you work to achieve those goals you’ve set for yourself (For your sake, I hope you have done it solely for yourself).

When it comes to me, I am not very ambitious. No, I don’t wish to be famous or rich beyond imagination. Nor do I want to conquer the world with my ideas. I just want to be! Traversing through life at my own pace…I am slow, I like to stand aside and enjoy the view. I am okay with achieving my dreams late in my life. I don’t want to rush with them in my twenties itself.

I’ve always felt that people with “REAL” goals have difficult lives. They have to toil day and night to put things on track, to keep up with the brutal competition. I have never been one of those people. However, I’ve come to realize, the simple goals like being away from the burden of ‘the social definitions of success’ are equally difficult to achieve. You just can’t slip away from its grip, no matter how good you are at sneaking.

I have nothing against the people who are ambitious or those who tune in with the widely accepted definitions of success. I respect you all, for you have guts and real strength. The society we live in is tremendously flawed and equally brutal. It has all these stringent rules drafted and methods crafted!

One slip and you experience a downpour of criticism. It can be really damaging to the spirit, when all you’ve ever tried is to keep up. There are people who fall and then there are people who keep going. I feel, we all break. Some of us break completely, some have little broken pieces here and there but we keep going. It’s just that we are all built with different thresholds. I don’t understand why people find it so difficult to respect this little fact.

At some point we all come under the same umbrella of “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”. Some for never being good enough while some for not trying enough. The world is rarely happy with any of us. You might get that appreciation temporarily until you slip; One slip is all it takes!

It just makes me sad.

Why are we made this way?

I ask myself a lot of times.

Why can’t we be more kind and considerate?

Why do we have to judge people?

Why do we even need to define measures of success?

What makes us think that other humans should conform to our standards?

The answers are lost…

If it is Pink for one, it can be Yellow for the other.

They are tracks apart, but both of them are equally beautiful. Just because you prefer Pink does not mean yellow is ugly.

Don’t forget, Yellow can be sunshine!


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21 thoughts on “Pink and Yellow

  1. Glad to find your post here. I can totally relate to having simple goals and not being defined by social status and success. I struggled to reach my dream and I am proud of my hard work but I was exhausted and burned out at the end continually trying to be validated by what I can or can’t do. I remain red with passion but have to break away and started being kind to myself. And loving myself in the process. Yellow is definitely bringing in sunshine.

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  2. Hi Varuna, this post is simply brilliant. You nailed it. I am the ambitious type, I confess. And yes it’s not easy, to meet expectations, that’s what you see all around you, demands, expectations, criteria, people waiting for you to meet them, people waiting for you to fail, and some innocent souls that really care, trying to help, adamantly waiting for you to succeed so you finally get to be “happy”, that’s the issue: IT NEVER ENDS. And no one tells you that.
    So you have to learn your own way to set your own goals, your own pace and deadlines, with no other standards, that’s the only way if not to happiness, but at least some piece of mind, at least again for a short while.

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  3. Varuna sharma… U know what.. U say each n every difficult complicated things so easily… Just love the way u write and think… I am ‘AGAIN’ waiting for next… Love u 😘

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  4. It’s a lovely post. Yes, I am ambitious but I have the ambition to just see my parents happy and give them everything they deserved but couldn’t afford. That time I would be content with myself. Truly happy. Everyone has a mouth and everyone will speak no matter what.

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  5. This was such a wonderfully written post and a great reminder for all of us. I used to always want to live up to “society’s standards,” and it got really tiring. I don’t wish to become rich or famous now. All I want to be is happy.

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  6. Finally someone who understands that there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be rich. I just want to be happy (although I’m still figuring out what will really make me happy in life). But the thing is, I’ve been made to feel worthless and meaningless just because I don’t want to have a lot of money, luxury cars, expensive gadgets, whatsoever. I understand we do need money in order to live, but we can not have just what is enough? Do we really have to have so much of everything?
    I’m glad to have read this. Thanks.

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    1. Glad you could relate. It’s always a relief to see that there are people who feel the same things as you do.
      And true, I feel one should have what one requires and then just be content with it…this race is never going to end otherwise but life sure will!

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