To The People We Love

I have no clue, how to form a ground for what I am willing  to convey. So I guess, I’ll jump straight to the point.

I have slowly, with time…come to realize that the things that make me happy are all connected to the people I love. There is this bunch of people and my life just revolves around them. There is nothing else, I don’t need anything else. They are my world, my survival kit and probably the reason why I actually want to go through life.

Today evening, while on the phone I was wondering how I absolutely adore these people.

The sound of their laughter, feeds my soul a smile. The sound of them when they’re sad, sucks my soul dry.

I have caught myself worrying about them more than I ever worry about myself. I would span the Earth…the entire Universe for them, if need be.

I am not bragging about my capability to love someone nor is this a declaration of my love for these people. However, you might call it a simple note of gratitude if you want.

They help form a vital part of my personality. There are certain parts of me that exist solely due to them. Maybe they are those parts themselves.

I find it amusing, how we are all separate-breathing-individuals yet some of us mysteriously connect.

We meet so many people through life but not all of them are scribbled in ink!

To all those people in my life: Your smile makes my life beautiful. Love you all to the moon and beyond… ❤


The Daily Post


The in-SIGNIFICANT Part of My Day…

Busy days! There is a thing with busy days. They are weird, both good and bad.

Mostly, you don’t get the time to think about anything at all. You are all too caught up in work!

Some days, you are so tired after a day at work that once you get back home you don’t even realize when you drift into slumber. The sleep though, sweet and deep!! No usual struggle with the mind. It’s relaxing.

Then there are days, where you are tired but you can’t sleep…maybe you need more than just sleep. You take a nice hot shower and turn on some good music accompanied by little yellow lights( Yes! I’m obsessed with these) and just sit there comfortably wrapped in your blanket digging into a jar of nutella! ❤

Well, the point is…

I find it funny, how I dread busy days. When I think about a day that has been all busy this is what I usually recall ;

-work and work- oh I’m so tired- missed my lunch- my head hurts- is this what you call life? huh!- etc etc-

See the point? I tend to count all the negatives! The time after work, I never seem to remember that.

It’s just funny and maybe a fact! Maybe a funny fact about me or you…or probably all of us!

This makes me think about the bigger picture then. How I might be missing on the best moments when busy counting the ones I dread.

We need more of such musings I suppose!

Glad I could think about the best part today 🙂