Trail of thoughts…

It has been a really long break for me. I usually try not to break but then there are so many things in life that we ‘have’ to do and I  do not want writing / blogging to be one of those things. I should be here…when I really ‘want’ to do it.

The other day in the midst of all the work, my mind kept wandering, reminding me over and over that how incapable I am, at finding time for the things that make me feel nice. It is that way for most of us these days… of course with the exception of a few who handle all of it really well.

While I have been away from writing for quite some time, I got a chance to read more, not any books in particular. No famous writers…nothing. I just read random pieces from random people. It is like getting a glimpse of their life in every little piece that I read. How wonderfully talented they are and how beautiful their experiences have been.

Some stories hit me hard. While sometimes, even a line or two…

Usually I note them down, reflect on them later…

I guess I can recall a few right here-

> “Sometimes death pulls people apart, sometimes it brings them closer”

> “It is okay to wish for good things to happen all the time”

> “We are creatures of independence, not conformity”

There are words too! Yes, just a small little word…but amazingly beautiful…and oh  phrases!…beautiful ones! I read them and they leave me staring at the wall in front, for a minute.

I have a long way to go. I would love it, if someday…my words come out to be equally beautiful like the ones I get to read.

I enjoy reading just as much I enjoy writing, so I guess even the break was worthwhile.

Hope you find time for what makes you happy. 🙂


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