A List Of 18 Random Things About Me

This is a stupid list. I enjoy doing stupid things though.

  1. I love writing in CAPITALS. I think it makes my handwriting look pretty.
  2. I love getting slowly absorbed in the glimmer of yellow lights.
  3. I have a thing with synchronicity. I am obsessed with it in my own weird way.
  4. I love..as in…seriously love, dogs.
  5. I love scribbling on tissue papers.
  6. I have never wanted to be a Princess or a Queen.
  7. I feel there is no such thing as MAGIC. It is a feeling; the thought makes me happy.
  8. I am a ‘wear-slippers-all-time’ kind of girl.
  9. Winter is my favorite but I love the rains.
  10. I really hope ‘the-nice-stranger-from-the-coffee-shop’ stays a ‘stranger-friend’ always. I tend to like ‘the know, yet do not know’ thing.
  11. I love making smiles everywhere. Dusty panes, froth, crushed ice, water….everywhere =)
  12. I love when I can get back to an old song as if it is new and put it on repeat.
  13. I think clouds are pretty amazing. They can  change form..fly..look pretty..pour..and disappear, WOW!
  14. I enjoy drafting silly random lists, like this one.
  15. I really want to go live in the mountains, no matter how lame it sounds.
  16. I have an alarmingly strange level of dislike for frogs.
  17. I miss playing with the red velvet mite, like I used to as a kid.
  18. I love listening to the sound of trees rustling in the wind.

That is it.

Ever tried jotting down a list like this? It is fun! =)

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