Cracked Rearview


what has left me or what I have left behind through these years…

  1. Grandma and Grandpa – I miss you terribly, you will stay in my heart forever.
  2. My once-best-friend – I miss you and I love you for the person you are. You will forever be the most amazing person I’ve met. Thank you for all the love, memories and lessons.
  3. My high school/college friends – We may not be in touch like we promised but thank you for all the giggles and timeless memories.
  4. Duke and Lucy – A doberman and a golden retriever; you changed my life in a wonderful way…you taught me compassion and love. I miss you both.
  5. My hometown – Even though I visit frequently, I don’t think I’ll ever get to actually live there now. It will forever be home though; like they say- ‘Home is where the heart is’.
  6. My impulsive streak – You are missed, really missed. All the extra thought that goes behind every little thing now, exhausts me!
  7. The old me – You were so much more stupid than I’m today, still…I sort of love you. Thank you for the connate stupidity. It has made me who I’m today.


I try to adjust the rear-view sometimes. But it never seems to form a clear picture.

I don’t complain, it is broken. There are small pieces missing here and there.

I can still form vague images.

What I see makes me simper and weep at the same time. I miss some of it, some of it not.

With time, we leave behind so much and gather so much more. I am glad for it all,  to have happened the way it did.

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Those Dragonfly Wings- Details



When casual clicking gets you something real beautiful.

Back home, things are completely different from the city. A small house on the hill, surrounded my miles of wilderness. You often realize how close you are to nature and how beautifully different it is from the city lights.

These little creatures, they aren’t invaders there.


PS: I am no photographer!

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A Drive


  1.  A late night drive on the highway; the little yellow lights glimmering as I slowly,  drive past them.
  2. A drive in the rain; when my favorite music is blaring in the car and it is raining cats and dogs outside.
  3. A drive with the windows down; the cool gush of wind blowing my hair around.
  4. A drive with my girl gang; the mingle of laughter and music and wind is pleasantly deafening.
  5. A drive in the mountains; Going up and down the winding roads…immersed in the beauty and grandeur of the mountains. Oh! and not to miss, when you ride among the clouds.


Nothing more to say…❤


A Regular Day…

Yesterday was as regular as any other day.

Same old me, same old routine.

Yet, something was different.

I can’t seem to fathom out, what exactly!

Get up – grab breakfast + the everyday music – get ready for work – day at work – back home – dinner – regular phone calls with family & friends – daily dose of web surfing – sleep

Nope! no plus-minus to my routine.

Yet it felt completely different!

I wasn’t just listening to music; I actually enjoyed it and hummed and swayed along as I had my breakfast.

Upon reaching office, I greeted people…smiled at them and for a change, the smile was real.

At the end of the day, when home, I just closed my eyes and relaxed, all things good…popped up in my head (Take my word, not even a single negative thought; everything seemed like a blessing.)

Words can’t suffice the way it felt. I guess, we live for days like these.

I wish I could feel this more often.

Life is meant to be simple.

We don’t always need a reason to be happy 🙂

Wish you many such happy days! Cheers to life ❤

hungry and fearless and thirsty and supple …

When you come across something so simple yet so beautiful! 🙂

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I’ll tell you a secret … I’ve been a little distracted lately.




(Which — I’ll tell you — is a very modern and grown-up kind of brokenness.)

But today, I went for a walk in the woods — something I haven’t done for months now.

I disappeared into a hole in the trees — freckled dark shade and lush underbrush. I felt alive and at peace, and when I came out, I walked home and rustled through the bookshelves until I found this little gem by Mr. Cummings (or cummings, if you like) …

It’s a poem, but today I’m saying it like a prayer… For me and for you:

e.e. cummings

May we stay hungry and fearless and thirsty and supple, always. ❤

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The Fragility Of Life

Sometimes we just stumble into thoughts.

Like today, I was reading about a ghost town in India, Dhanushkodi. The town is in ruins…nothing remains but stories.

Once flourishing with living…breathing people, today it has nothing but the remains of what once existed. All blown away by a cyclone, one of the most powerful ones. All of it makes me wonder about the fragility of life and how we exercise absolutely no control over it.

We are fragile, life is fragile and death…well death is universal, more so inevitable.

Its funny how we create things..structures thinking they would stand. Behind every little thing we create, subconsciously the thought that it is going to stay after I am gone, stays.

What when I am gone?  What will stay?  Will I leave my mark?  Will anyone remember me?

Most of us want to be remembered. Remembered for a lot of things we are and also for some things we are not. I am no different, even through my life I want to preserve things..moments. I want to be able to visit them again when I feel like. I collect all sorts of strange things for that matter. Be it movie tickets, generally insignificant pieces from the places I love, random words from conversation which now adore my cupboard and the list goes on…

It is human I suppose, to have the urge to keep things alive even when we know that everything eventually dies.

As a child, every time my grandma told me a story…after the story I thought about, how it has lived for centuries. The king and the queen have been dead for over hundreds of years and so are his daughters yet I am here listening to their life stories today. I secretly wondered, if someday when I am gone, someone would tell the story of my life. I was a child then. Today I wonder, if  my story is worth telling.

No matter what changes, I want something to stand..if not my story then maybe a tree that I plant! As simple as that. When I was around 13, once strolling in my garden the idea hit me. I would plant a tree, a Banyan tree maybe…since, it lives longer. I will plant it and nurture it while I am still here and then it will be my mark!

Death might be disguised as anything. A natural calamity, an accident, an illness etc. It does not matter. The important thing is that it is inevitable. And while we can do nothing to change it, we can certainly preserve stories for posterity. Narrate your experiences…be open about them, if not to the world then just your family and friends maybe. You may not even realize how long a simple story might live in the times to come or what impact it might have.

Tell your stories…and if not, write them. And if nothing, then maybe you too can plant a banyan tree at least! 😀

Hope you find comfort with whatever you wish to keep alive even after death.


Image: Dance of Death (1493) by Michael Wolgemut

A List Of 18 Random Things About Me

This is a stupid list. I enjoy doing stupid things though.

  1. I love writing in CAPITALS. I think it makes my handwriting look pretty.
  2. I love getting slowly absorbed in the glimmer of yellow lights.
  3. I have a thing with synchronicity. I am obsessed with it in my own weird way.
  4. I in…seriously love, dogs.
  5. I love scribbling on tissue papers.
  6. I have never wanted to be a Princess or a Queen.
  7. I feel there is no such thing as MAGIC. It is a feeling; the thought makes me happy.
  8. I am a ‘wear-slippers-all-time’ kind of girl.
  9. Winter is my favorite but I love the rains.
  10. I really hope ‘the-nice-stranger-from-the-coffee-shop’ stays a ‘stranger-friend’ always. I tend to like ‘the know, yet do not know’ thing.
  11. I love making smiles everywhere. Dusty panes, froth, crushed ice, water….everywhere =)
  12. I love when I can get back to an old song as if it is new and put it on repeat.
  13. I think clouds are pretty amazing. They can  change pretty..pour..and disappear, WOW!
  14. I enjoy drafting silly random lists, like this one.
  15. I really want to go live in the mountains, no matter how lame it sounds.
  16. I have an alarmingly strange level of dislike for frogs.
  17. I miss playing with the red velvet mite, like I used to as a kid.
  18. I love listening to the sound of trees rustling in the wind.

That is it.

Ever tried jotting down a list like this? It is fun! =)

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Trail of thoughts…

It has been a really long break for me. I usually try not to break but then there are so many things in life that we ‘have’ to do and I  do not want writing / blogging to be one of those things. I should be here…when I really ‘want’ to do it.

The other day in the midst of all the work, my mind kept wandering, reminding me over and over that how incapable I am, at finding time for the things that make me feel nice. It is that way for most of us these days… of course with the exception of a few who handle all of it really well.

While I have been away from writing for quite some time, I got a chance to read more, not any books in particular. No famous writers…nothing. I just read random pieces from random people. It is like getting a glimpse of their life in every little piece that I read. How wonderfully talented they are and how beautiful their experiences have been.

Some stories hit me hard. While sometimes, even a line or two…

Usually I note them down, reflect on them later…

I guess I can recall a few right here-

> “Sometimes death pulls people apart, sometimes it brings them closer”

> “It is okay to wish for good things to happen all the time”

> “We are creatures of independence, not conformity”

There are words too! Yes, just a small little word…but amazingly beautiful…and oh  phrases!…beautiful ones! I read them and they leave me staring at the wall in front, for a minute.

I have a long way to go. I would love it, if someday…my words come out to be equally beautiful like the ones I get to read.

I enjoy reading just as much I enjoy writing, so I guess even the break was worthwhile.

Hope you find time for what makes you happy. 🙂