The Missing Pieces…

We were born and we are going to die someday! Mortals, as is the word!

That is how life seems to work. People come… and they go. Some have been breathing for a while, while some are quite new to the world.

The cycle of life is strange. I have always had this weird feeling for it. I cannot even begin to explain it. It is like I happen to know some people then maybe I begin to like them (or I may not actually like some of them so much :P)…then slowly I weave my existence around them and that is what I call my life…or my world to put it better.  Same is the case with everyone else on this planet. We live…or rather we are made to live, I guess.

Well, it does not end there…it would have been much easier if it did but No! (By the way, I really wish to know who is making the rules but I guess those sort of wishes aren’t allowed either)

So, there are people around me and I live with them and I sort of love them. Then, on one regular day, something not so regular happens. One random person leaves. I don’t know who decided that it is the time for him or her to leave…but they just do, like that! It so happens like an EVENT! An unfortunate event as we call it. The person was breathing and eating, talking and walking around and then he goes away…FOREVER.

I did not even know that I was not going to see that person alive ever again. No! It is so not ‘just an event’…something that just happens and then I get used to it with time. Hell No!

When people leave, it is not a matter of a day or a week or even a year. It happens to us and stays with us for the rest of our lives. Sure, we continue to experience life but with a piece missing now!

Even after ten years…I will still be missing it….every single day.  When I hear their favorite song or eat something that they once used to crave for or when I watch a movie starring the actor they loved and so on…

It is sad, it always is and it always will be. I know, someday I am going to be that someone who leaves. And it will be sad (for a bunch of people at least) and you will leave just the same. That is what happens.

So, when you lose someone and if it is taking everything in you to hold things together after they are gone; it is okay. Take your time, I will take my time and we will hold them close forever and they will stay there then, Yes!

We never really get over the loss; we just find the strength to live with it.




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