Once in a while we come across people who are so much like ourselves. By ‘so much like me’ I do not mean that we are alike or that we have similar interests or something… rather ‘alike’ in a completely different manner.

It is as if, I can see pieces of myself in someone else. I talk to them and I know that they have more or less been through the same kind of struggles like I have.  I can’t help but notice that the way we perceive life… is SO SIMILAR!

The other day I was out with a bunch of friends. There was this guy, I will not particularly call him a friend yet but we were just sitting, sipping coffee, talking about random things and every time he shared an experience or put forth his views about a particular life situation it just made me go like “Yeah! Exactly.”

It was as if he mirrored my thoughts!

Some were happy experiences while some of them were not so happy. When we talked about something terrible that happened his eyes kind of went sad. I could see that he really feels all of it. He was the kind of person who laughed his troubles out. He would make a joke about it and then laugh over it…but if you really pay attention you could see that feels it all so deep.

When I hear people talk about the difficult times in their life and then they laugh it out…I feel sad! It is a hopeful kind of sad though. You know that life is hard sometimes but yet you choose to smile. Smile over it all. It is beautiful…you can see the strength that people carry. It just makes me feel so much better.

Once in a while it is nice to meet someone who shares your insight on life. It is like coming face-to-face with oneself. You understand yourself so much better and moreover you realize that the way you feel and the way you perceive things is pretty normal.

A live reflection of one’s thoughts…can be such a relief at times! 


3 thoughts on “MIRROR

  1. It is interesting to see how someones weakness can be seen as a strength by another. While someone’s apparent strength might appear to be inspiring, you must note that, usually, this is nothing but a mirage – a mask developed as a defence mechanism with years of patience and resilience. However, one should always search for hope with these little things and stick to people who truly care. Not everybody is lucky to have such a support system. Who knows you might be a reason for somebody’s “hopeful kind of sad” as well!

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