Because Ignorance is Bliss!



The light netted sunbeam from the tree across the road dances on the ground, the leaves rustling a little playing with the sun…the little black bird on the tree occasionally chirping. I jot down all of it while I snuggle in my blanket. Winter has always had this special touch to it. It is cold…yet warm in some way!

The warmth never feels better than how it does in the cold…sounds legit, doesn’t it?

It is all about how something or someone makes you feel.

It makes you feel right…it is right! It does not make you feel nice…it probably isn’t!

This has no deep thought attached to this because once in a while it feels good not to be thinking about something in particular and then creating storms in your head about it. At times it feels nice to just go with the flow and do what makes you happy.

Like write a random blog with no central theme! 😀

It is like pouring my heart out to the world (The world isn’t reading this I know, they have better things to do…but they can if they are willing to!) like YOU!  You know what I mean.

All of this might sound like crap then be it crap! I don’t really care!  Crap feels GOOOD!!!

It just feels good. Once in a while you should care enough to make yourself feel good. This is not being selfish…not at all. It is just taking care of oneself, which I feel is really necessary…keep your soul happy! I know it sounds so easy here…like I have forgotten about all the troubles and tragedies and how they are a vital part of my life. That is that…they are there…like always…and believe me they are not going anywhere. Even if I stop looking at them and completely ignore them for a day they will still be by my side (So loyal, I tell you!)

So I guess I can take them for granted once in a while…provided I am not particularly crazy about them as such. All they do is generate chaos in my soul after all! (Well, here I am just trying to bury my guilt about ditching my problems as I feel sorry for them :P)

Let me tell you something! This actually feels nice. Ditching my chaotic thoughts and ignoring the things that make me sad. It is like laughing in the face of my problems! It leaves me with a sense of victory.

I know I will go back to them in a day or maybe two (since, being this way feels so good) but the bottom line is IT MAKES ME FEEL NICE!!

So this is what I have decided- Whenever the chaos grows exponentially and things go out of my control, I will leave all control and pretend like it is not there and maybe I will just have coffee, watch a movie and take a nap!

Even the thought of this makes me Happy! 😀


PS: I am not running away from my issues. Just gathering the strength to deal with them tomorrow! (Just in case someone was taking this seriously! :P)


The Missing Pieces…

We were born and we are going to die someday! Mortals, as is the word!

That is how life seems to work. People come… and they go. Some have been breathing for a while, while some are quite new to the world.

The cycle of life is strange. I have always had this weird feeling for it. I cannot even begin to explain it. It is like I happen to know some people then maybe I begin to like them (or I may not actually like some of them so much :P)…then slowly I weave my existence around them and that is what I call my life…or my world to put it better.  Same is the case with everyone else on this planet. We live…or rather we are made to live, I guess.

Well, it does not end there…it would have been much easier if it did but No! (By the way, I really wish to know who is making the rules but I guess those sort of wishes aren’t allowed either)

So, there are people around me and I live with them and I sort of love them. Then, on one regular day, something not so regular happens. One random person leaves. I don’t know who decided that it is the time for him or her to leave…but they just do, like that! It so happens like an EVENT! An unfortunate event as we call it. The person was breathing and eating, talking and walking around and then he goes away…FOREVER.

I did not even know that I was not going to see that person alive ever again. No! It is so not ‘just an event’…something that just happens and then I get used to it with time. Hell No!

When people leave, it is not a matter of a day or a week or even a year. It happens to us and stays with us for the rest of our lives. Sure, we continue to experience life but with a piece missing now!

Even after ten years…I will still be missing it….every single day.  When I hear their favorite song or eat something that they once used to crave for or when I watch a movie starring the actor they loved and so on…

It is sad, it always is and it always will be. I know, someday I am going to be that someone who leaves. And it will be sad (for a bunch of people at least) and you will leave just the same. That is what happens.

So, when you lose someone and if it is taking everything in you to hold things together after they are gone; it is okay. Take your time, I will take my time and we will hold them close forever and they will stay there then, Yes!

We never really get over the loss; we just find the strength to live with it.





Once in a while we come across people who are so much like ourselves. By ‘so much like me’ I do not mean that we are alike or that we have similar interests or something… rather ‘alike’ in a completely different manner.

It is as if, I can see pieces of myself in someone else. I talk to them and I know that they have more or less been through the same kind of struggles like I have.  I can’t help but notice that the way we perceive life… is SO SIMILAR!

The other day I was out with a bunch of friends. There was this guy, I will not particularly call him a friend yet but we were just sitting, sipping coffee, talking about random things and every time he shared an experience or put forth his views about a particular life situation it just made me go like “Yeah! Exactly.”

It was as if he mirrored my thoughts!

Some were happy experiences while some of them were not so happy. When we talked about something terrible that happened his eyes kind of went sad. I could see that he really feels all of it. He was the kind of person who laughed his troubles out. He would make a joke about it and then laugh over it…but if you really pay attention you could see that feels it all so deep.

When I hear people talk about the difficult times in their life and then they laugh it out…I feel sad! It is a hopeful kind of sad though. You know that life is hard sometimes but yet you choose to smile. Smile over it all. It is beautiful…you can see the strength that people carry. It just makes me feel so much better.

Once in a while it is nice to meet someone who shares your insight on life. It is like coming face-to-face with oneself. You understand yourself so much better and moreover you realize that the way you feel and the way you perceive things is pretty normal.

A live reflection of one’s thoughts…can be such a relief at times!