We are all so INDEPENDENT these days! aren’t we? I mean look, how we are responsible for our own actions, thoughts, decisions…our entire lives! No, I am not being sarcastic at all. In fact, I like to think of myself that way. My life. We are enough for ourselves and we are responsible for what we do. Yet, sometimes, when in the dark, left alone with my thoughts I can not deny that I feel the need to talk to someone. Anyone. We are not truly independent…we can never be…we will always need other people. When I say independent I do not mean it in the conventional sense of the word. I tend to think of it in terms of ‘other people’ in ‘our lives’. Relationships are complex these days, I guess our lifestyle has made it that way or maybe we have changed or maybe something else..ego, self sufficiency or simply ‘I don’t need anyone’ attitude.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I talk to certain people I don’t really know? Nor do they know me…and then I feel that this specific ‘not knowing’ might be the reason. Or why do I write this blog?

“Because I like writing”

Or maybe because I don’t know who is reading it at the moment. I don’t know the half of you yet I still write all this. What for? Maybe hope and relief. That some people…somewhere might be reading this and they understand all of it. They don’t know me yet they understand. I hope that someone relates to all this and that someone feels the same way as I do. I am not alone after all.


PS: In our independent, the ‘dependent’ will forever be in bold. 🙂


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