The other day I was out with a friend and we were sort of reminiscing about our school days….laughing over random memories. In the course of our discussion, he mentioned the name of a long lost friend of mine. It was as if I had completely forgotten about him all this while. The mention of his name instantly brought back a swirl of memories! We were such good friends in primary school and now it had been ages since I had last seen him. I wrote down his phone number and decided I would get in touch..and so I did!

I texted him the next morning..and we had a casual chat…who is doing what and similar kind of stuff. It felt so nice, talking to him again…it was like visiting my past. Just before I said bye he said something to me….and it made my day! He told me ” I was having a bad day,talking to you somewhat made it a little better” All I could say was that, I am glad I could help. Little did he know that he made my day as well. 

Sometimes it takes very little to brighten up someones day! You might not even know that you made someone smile. Making others happy and bringing a smile on their face somehow makes you happier! 🙂


Let's talk. I love a good discussion :)

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