There is so little time to do all the nothing you want! True that is and despite being well aware of the fact we waste so much of our time creating pointless drama. Someone truly said that we tend to complicate things because we do not value simplicity. Be it our work, relationships or life, it is all so complicated. We feel lonely, lost and confused at times when the answers are pretty simple. Most of the issues in our lives can be solved by simply communicating with the people around us. Friends, partners, siblings, parents…we know deep down in our hearts we can talk to them but when a situation comes up we tend to shut things inside and sulk all day long over petty issues and mostly over things that are really stupid. We do not realize that we waste a substantial amount of time in frowns and tears that could rather be well spent sharing smiles and laughs with the people we love. Who knows what tomorrow holds, we do not even know if a tomorrow is promised! Don’t let the ‘not so important stuff’ occupy a ‘very important’ spot in your life. Live one day at a time, spend as many laughs as you can and gather sweet memories while you still have time!


Happy living! J

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