Miles Apart But Never At Heart!

We often tend to feel that we are most attached to the people we spend majority of our time with (by choice of course). That is an easy assumption to make. We live and breathe around them…eat and sing around them, they are the ones we interact with, the most. They know so so much about us! They are the help within our hands reach then be it any sort of problem we are going through. So very true!
But we cannot deny the fact that exceptions exist. The same goes for our relationships. We have friends and family, people we live with and they are closer than ever. But then there are certain people, we do not get to see on an everyday basis, they may not even cross our mind while we work our way through the day and we may meet or talk to them after what we call an eternity. Still these gaps do not seem to hamper our relationship with them. It appears like magic to me! I do not talk to them or share things with them daily nor do I just get home and blabber about how hard the day was or how cute that guy on the bus stop was.  They are not a part of my routine, yet somehow they manage to secure their place in my busy life. I have a handful of such people in my life. With some I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in the past and that is what concretes my bond with them while there are some others I have never spent much time with yet we swing along….just like that! We talk on the phone after five months and it is like nothing has changed at all. The gap just seems to vanish in a poof as soon as I hear their voices. I see them after years and we get along just like that, there is so much to talk about that I almost forget to breathe!(sigh)


I have come to realize that ‘Time’ and ‘Distance’ are not factors as important as I thought they were when it comes to our relationships. It does not matter who my oldest friend is or who is the one I spend most of my time with. It is the bond that matters. I may have known some for years yet they do not mean as much as a friend, who I met a few months ago. It is all about who has earned a place in my heart and made a little home there itself. We meet so many people yet there are just a few we wish to keep by our side. We know, we may not see them every day but it is that silent little voice in our hearts…that knows that they are always there! Cause some bonds are forever! ❤

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