Not Afraid Of The Dark

As I live through each day I come to realize more and more that life is all about those ‘simple things’.  A smile, a genuine compliment, a hug….It is all of this that makes breathing worth it in this difficult world! The other day we were at the Futala Lake waiting for a parcel to be delivered. It was all noisy around….people chatting, eating and much more. It was that very moment I stole a glance at the scenery behind all the chaos and honestly I don’t have words for the feeling it left me with. It made my day. The sky was inked in blue black with all the tiny twinkling stars scattered over it…so many of them and midst them was a giant disc glittering in silver white, the glow of it was soothing and composing. Beneath the dark and mysterious sky was a calm lake. As I looked at it, I wondered about what its depths held and I fathomed out that it was no less mysterious than the sky. Both had their own secrets. It was just that they had different shelters for those secrets. The glow of the moon made a beautiful impression on the water…gently moving and creating patterns. Darkness is not something to be afraid of! It appears frightful from a distance. But once we move closer, we begin to discover the hidden beauty. Those who close their eyes to darkness never recognize the beauty in its depths.


Life so works the same way! J

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