Sometimes, people touch your life in ways unknown. It is all so regular and then, there is a moment, You are touched! It is so much like magic. It leaves behind a beautiful feeling of kindness. I fathomed out the beauty of the phrase ‘smile at a stranger’, when I happened to receive it myself and take my words, it has an impact beyond imagination. It can simply brighten up someone’s day and all you had to do was smile.
It was a gloomy, hot evening. After a long day at college and with all the clutter around, life didn’t seem to be that great. On my way home, I just stopped by kathi to grab a bite. It was hot and I was all messed up! And duh! I spilled ketchup all over. My day just seemed to worsen and worsen as every minute passed. Irritated I got up to grab some tissues and Wonderful!  I could neither find any tissue nor any help. I was about to burst at the poor vendor when all of a sudden a guy standing nearby pushed a bunch of tissues towards me. I looked up and he pleasantly smiled at me. It was then that I realized that he had been strolling around the place for a while. I looked at him and smiled. All my anger faded away somehow.

Maybe people are right when they say that sometimes a smile, a little kindness is all that one needs.


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