It is beautiful how people fall in love with places. They spend their lives living, breathing in different cities. Their job takes them places. They have busy monotonous routines and a set way of life yet somehow they come to develop a strange kind of sweet feeling for the place they belong to. With time as opportunities hit by, people may move away from their home towns but their roots still draw back to the same old forgotten lanes of their childhood. The sweet old days of innocence.


Not long ago, I was travelling with a friend of mine. We were on a bus to my hometown. On our way, we passed through a town where she previously lived and she began narrating about her days there. Relating to every little section we crossed by and while listening to her stories I could not help but notice, the way her eyes sparkled. I could see how fond she was of that little town and I realized that I pretty much feel the same way about my town. I guess that is how it is. The places we grow up in, occupy a special place in our hearts. Just like we fall in love with people, so we do with places.


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind! Said Gandhi. The unfortunate and heartbreaking event in Peshwar yesterday, has forced us to think. In which direction is humankind moving and what are we creating for our children. A world that knows no humanity, no compassion and no kindness!
Strolling in my garden yesterday, when I heard of this news, I was heartbroken and stood there in utter shock, it left me numb. For a moment there, it did not matter if I am an Indian or a Pakistani and my heart wailed when I heard the number of innocent lives taken. An innocent 14 year old said, his teacher was shot and burned alive in front of him and the Talibani then shouted with pride “God is great!” .I wonder which religion drives him to commit such atrocious and inhuman acts. Islam doesn’t encourage such unspeakable brutality nor does any other religion in my knowledge. Expecting people with such degree of callousness to undergo a change of heart is a useless thought to set our hopes upon. In times of such pain, simply giving out deceitful statements would do no good. It may bring temporary consolation but it would do nothing to cease such acts of unspeakable horror. What we need at present is a total political boycott of such terrorist organizations. We will not be able to put an end to terrorism if the most powerful people in our countries don’t stop using them to score over one another. We need to unite and fight as one against such evil. Getting used to such pain is not even an option, it is high time we fight back these bastards and restore peace and love in our lives.
I urge the people who hold power, to get up and actually act upon the situation before it is too late.

It takes me back to the Talibani attack on the young Malala Yousafzai, when she bravely stood up to advocate for girls’ education. We as individuals should make every possible effort to restore peace and I am sure we will be successful the day our Leaders become as brave as we are. I am sure an unflinching determination to fight terrorism will not prove to be futile.


Sometimes, people touch your life in ways unknown. It is all so regular and then, there is a moment, You are touched! It is so much like magic. It leaves behind a beautiful feeling of kindness. I fathomed out the beauty of the phrase ‘smile at a stranger’, when I happened to receive it myself and take my words, it has an impact beyond imagination. It can simply brighten up someone’s day and all you had to do was smile.
It was a gloomy, hot evening. After a long day at college and with all the clutter around, life didn’t seem to be that great. On my way home, I just stopped by kathi to grab a bite. It was hot and I was all messed up! And duh! I spilled ketchup all over. My day just seemed to worsen and worsen as every minute passed. Irritated I got up to grab some tissues and Wonderful!  I could neither find any tissue nor any help. I was about to burst at the poor vendor when all of a sudden a guy standing nearby pushed a bunch of tissues towards me. I looked up and he pleasantly smiled at me. It was then that I realized that he had been strolling around the place for a while. I looked at him and smiled. All my anger faded away somehow.

Maybe people are right when they say that sometimes a smile, a little kindness is all that one needs.