Why do you crave for it so much? So bad?

Another day isn’t promised. You know that.

Don’t you?

You want to be certain about the next twenty years of your life.

Don’t you see it?

Life never sticks to the plan.

It has a tendency to wander; to stray.

Why are you up at 3 am? Again. Tell me.

Speculating your choices, over and over?

Cursing yourself, are you?

Those seeds of doubt you’ve been planting for years,

aren’t you afraid that you’d be lost in the dark wilderness that they’ll grow into?

You need the warmth of the sun.

Let the rays shine through.

Build, for sure. But live more.

Doubt when needed. But believe more.

Uncertainty is inevitable.

Why the fuss? the stars would say.

They’ll laugh out loud on your ways.

Give this universe a chance. Will you?

Maybe, it’s directionless too.

In the palms of chaos

Waves like tsunami
crashing the shore.

Thunder that’s hurling
at my door.

Persistent little quakes
now shake the floor.

I see chaos. With open palms
it’s asking me for more.

The 🌙

With all the glimmer beneath,
the moon felt forsaken.

Left alone with it’s own sparkle,
too somber for this world.

Busy roads,
loud music,
clinking glasses.

Day and night,
night and day.

She drives off to a place far away.

Eyes closed,
a long sigh.

She looks up and smiles,
the moon smiles back.


I allow myself to feel the shivers, and the elation.
I write words after words.
I dream in precise detail.
I am the master of my life.

But you?
No, I don’t allow you to feel
when you do, I sulk.
Because it is intense.
You breathe me in and out your lungs.
It scares me, so I get mad.

I haven’t dreamt of a love like ours.
It’s chaos and peace.
It’s fierce and deep.

I transform and shift.
How do I measure who I am?

You smile at me
your gaze softens,
I tremble.
Because I see so much love in your eyes.

Why am I afraid of love?
Is it my incapability to have given it freely in the past,
or is it my amazement at how effortlessly I’ve showered it on you?

Questions with unmeasurable answers.