for old times sake

For old times sake
look me up,
have coffee with me

It’s strange how I barely know you
even though I loved you for so long,
and I still do
for old times sake

I’m not scared anymore.
I’ll tell you that I’m sorry
for being the person I was,
and that I’m a better person now

I’ll not bore you,
with how much I missed you
and how I lived after us
for love promises us everything, yet nothing.

Have lunch with me one of these days.
I miss you the most when I’m eating alone,
for you taught me how solitude can be fulfilling

This time for reasons other than usual,
meet me.
I’ll pick you up?


Poetry inspires. This piece was inspired by an unknown poem that made me feel so much in so little. Memories came flooding back and I wanted to write my version of it, for old times sake đŸ™‚

Image credits: Unknown


the ocean

I don’t remember the time or the day,
in fact, I can’t even demarcate the period.
I never knew that I’d love him,
so much, so soon.

Didn’t know that he’d sail me through the rough tides,
teach me how to surf.
Didn’t know, that he’d be the ocean,
and I’d love to drown.


one, two, three,
three, two, one.

today….summed up.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash


the warm evening sun
the light crisp breeze
the dusty scent of the earth
the sound of the birds
with the people I love.

little things that matter the most.